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My Son
Author: Unknown

At dawn, before sunrise while the cock's still sleeping, I called your name, but you're still sleeping. I kissed your forehead, running my hand through your hair... alas, I want to talk with you. When sunray comes through your window, you wake up, saying, "Good morning, Father".

Ah! Once I give you all my new loves, graces and blessings. Yeah... I give all of that even if you woke up lately and got a shower in hurry without accosting me. When you go for a work today, you bring all I have prepared: love, goodness, bounty, rue, happiness, peace, patience which could be enough ... not only for you ... but you could share them with your friends.

Whether you could realize it, I'm with you while you're laughing happily with your friends. My son, I love you. You know, nobody could take your special place in my heart. Sometimes, I feel so sad for your dourness wanting; even if I didn't allow or when I said, "Wait for a moment"; but you still keep doing it. Don't you remember what you've said, "... may your wishes come true" ?

My son... I'm shaking my head. Don't you know that it makes me sad ? Seems that you're doubting my heart. Really, seems that you could not understand what I've plan the best for you. I have to discipline you only to make you realize that I will always prepare you the best thing for your life.

I will teach and show the way you have to explore. I will give my advice. Look into my eyes... they're focussed on you. Don't act like a stupid horse or mule... they won't approach you unless they're forced to. Sheldom, you come to me, crying and wheezing. You look for me and shouting, "Father... Father..."

It's me, son, don't be afraid. I will never leave you alone. If you could see my heart; my pain is more than what you feel my tears are more than yours your burden is also mine. Come to me for I will always be with you for the rest of your life. I'll always cover you, my hands are put over you. Just look at me when you hardly choose or decide during your growth.

Come close to me when you're weary... I'm still your Father even when you're getting old. I'm still carrying you when your hair's snowing. I have done and will keep doing that. I'll carry and save you. I'm still your Father during your good and bad days.

I'll be there when you're left alone... I'll be there when you need someone and nobody cares about you. Could a woman abandon her own baby... so she doesn't love him anymore ? Even if she did that, I will never forget you. Look, I've carved you in my palm so I could always keep my eyes on you. My love is wider than the ocean... more higher than the sky... more deeper than the sea.

When you have finished your day, you look so tired even for calling me. Come on child, clean it up, let my living water braces you then you will get your new strength... Like a flying eagle who gets strength from its wings... it runs and walks without getting tired or weary...

Get my prepared words for you will never get hungry... take a rest in my protection. I'll stay and cover you untill next morning... a new day with full of hopes... and I will fall my graces when you sleep.

Good night son...

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